Two weeks into this season of Mad Men, we updated you on the products featured in the show with Mad Men: Fictional pitches, real ads. With Jantzen and Pond’s Cold Cream both making memorable debuts, we anticipated a lineup of products exceeding the previous seasons (for their recap, see: Mad Men is back, and so is product placement).

A few weeks later, it’s time to sift through the show’s darker new plotlines and find the corporate gems.

Episode 4: Pond’s, Clearasil, Vicks

The third episode was memorable for everything but products. Episode four, thankfully, brings us more product sport. Pond’s, a Unilever (UL) product, features prominently, as its representatives demand that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce drop Clearasil as a client due to conflict-of-interest. Clearasil, owned by Vicks Chemical, is the account of Pete’s father-in-law Tom, so the conflict hits close to home. Pete parlays the Pond’s play into expansion into the entire Vicks account.

As Fortune noted earlier, Unilever’s sponsorship of Mad Men continues to pay off for its product’s appearance. Unilever says that AMC approached it about using Pond’s, and that the consumer conglomerate will air six themed vignettes during the advertising breaks of the show this season. The company did not disclose terms of any contract involving its product on the show.

Clearasil, however, represents a tougher nut to crack. Vicks Chemical is now a line of products for Procter & Gamble (PG). Clearasil, meanwhile, is now a product of Reckitt Benckiser (RBGBY). Neither company responded to Fortune‘s inquiries on the terms of those deals, but it is a pretty safe bet that neither company would be paying for product placement to promote the other.


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