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Hands in the Jar

By Alex Konrad + October 18th, 2010

EXCERPT: I believe in freedom of speech and the power of documentary film. If any film festival delayed or suppressed one of its entries due to political reasons, I would condemn such an action. So when a film festival gives in to pressure to “spare the feelings” of the president of Iran, I feel obliged […]

Danger Zone Europe

By Alex Konrad + October 4th, 2010

EXCERPT: The U.S. State Department issued a travel alert yesterday warning citizens to exercise extra caution if traveling to Europe, effective from now until Jan. 31. Apparently, when the name “Osama Bin Laden” enters airwaves, it’s time to stick our heads in the sand and wait until the safety of February travel. Unfortunately, the world does not […]

Mubarak’s Fancy Footwork

By Alex Konrad + September 20th, 2010

EXCERPT: It’s been called “the joke of journalism.” Osama Saraya, the man ultimately responsible for its publication, fancies it “expressive.” There is a lot one can say about the doctored photo of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, which upon its discovery has become a media sensation and a source of embarrassment to the Egypt government and its […]

Parties and Protests

By Alex Konrad + May 3rd, 2010

The Tea Party movement fancies itself the heir of those Founding Fathers who resisted additional British taxation in 1773. Tea partiers consider themselves at the vanguard of a grassroots, nationwide movement. Yet these “true” Americans could use a reality check by following the efforts of the Maoist movement in Nepal. It is unlikely that the […]

Deus Ex Vulcan

By Alex Konrad + April 19th, 2010

EXCERPT: Every day, Harvard Square moves a little closer to Leicester Square in London and Huacaypata in Cusco. Of course, the earth is not shrinking. The natural features of the earth do not dramatically change—our expectations of transportation do. This past week, the earth has reminded us of our own limits through a volcano that […]

They Never Go Home

By Alex Konrad + April 5th, 2010

EXCERPT: In the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Harvard Square station, the printed motto of the United Services Organizations, the “bridge” between the American public and its military overseas, demands attention with its simple message: “USO: Until Every One Comes Home.” For decades and for the foreseeable future, this motto will remain. In today’s political reality, […]

Illusions in the Motherland

By Alex Konrad + March 22nd, 2010

EXCERPT: While advertisements on behalf of British Columbia attempt to remind television viewers of the Vancouver Olympics, public attention has moved on. Though this may come at the disappointment of hockey-crazed Canadians, the faded spotlight could not come more quickly for Russia. But as the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics, Russia will find it difficult […]

Haitian Aid, Don’t Fade Away

By Alex Konrad + March 1st, 2010

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