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Castro’s Chance to Change

By Alex Konrad + September 13th, 2010

EXCERPT: I would love to be able to pick and choose which of my actions bear responsibility—or have the world only acknowledge my better choices. Unfortunately, none of us have that power. World leaders, however, at least possess the ability to influence the globe positively enough to at least minimize the regrettable deeds of yesterday, […]

Do the Damascus Limbo

By Alex Konrad + July 1st, 2010

EXCERPT: DAMASCUS, Syria—Damascus Airport’s main terminal has no ATM or cash machine. Its sole restaurant and Duty Free shops do not accept credit cards. For the many travelers who pass through the airport quickly and tentatively—the airport’s atmosphere is not what one could call a happy one—such facts might not be critical or even noticeable. […]

A Crossroad from Cairo

By Alex Konrad + June 21st, 2010

EXCERPT: CAIRO, Egypt—The preservation of antiquities in Egypt has taken great steps since the days that western archaeologists could make off with the best artifacts from their sites. The evolution of Egypt’s protection of its heritage is evident at Saqqara, less than an hour’s drive from downtown Cairo. Saqqara is famous for its step pyramid, the […]

Into Thin Air

By Alex Konrad + December 18th, 2009

EXCERPT: Paradox has long been a watchword of international climate change mitigation efforts. The United Nations Climate Change Conference, ending today in Copenhagen, has so far done more to bolster this notion than it has done to bind nations in new measures to combat our environmental crisis. As world leaders continue to arrive and make their […]

Chavez Can’t Shun the Spotlight

By Alex Konrad + November 9th, 2009

EXCERPT: The world should be used to the public declarations of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez by now. He simply loves the spotlight so fiercely that serving his country as president, and as a larger-than-life president at that, cannot satisfy. Restless, he meets with celebrities—Sean Penn three times—but when that is not enough, he uses his […]

Cutthroat Sports Culture

By Alex Konrad + October 7th, 2009

EXCERPT: The season is changing in New England, and it’s not just because of something as arbitrary as the weather. Major League Baseball’s 2009 playoffs commence today, and it’s time to determine your loyalty. What happens when two regions face off, determined to subdue the other? In the Old Testament, the men of Gilead asked […]

Swining and Dining

By Alex Konrad + September 22nd, 2009

EXCERPT: Today, as I stood battling for my place in the always chaotic Quincy House lunch line, I ignored the “excuse me” calls flying about on all sides and focused on the various messages Harvard University Dining Services was sharing with me. Through table placards, video screens, and posted advisories, HUDS was doing everything it […]

Eyeing Israeli Intervention

By Alex Konrad + September 14th, 2009

EXCERPT: On the open sea, a helicopter approaches a cargo ship of Eastern European origin. Quietly, the chopper disgorges a team of elite commandos, arguably the best in the world, who quickly subdue the crew and remove weapons unlisted on the ship’s manifest. This may be familiar as the opening mission of a widely popular […]

Whose Islands Are They?

By Alex Konrad + July 8th, 2009

EXCERPT: GALAPAGOS, Ecuador— “Indigenous” is a word in vogue today—a way to describe local peoples manipulated, depopulated, or even replaced as the main inhabitants of a region In many places, the struggle for indigenous rights is a hot-button issue. Conservation and development both imply restraints on local economies and growth, forcing governments to work to […]

A Cloudy Future in Ecuador’s Rainforest

By Alex Konrad + June 26th, 2009

EXCERPT: COCA, Ecuador — Over the canopy to the south, Ivan, a Quichua Indian, has spotted three macaws in flight. Moments later, binoculars train to a pair of white-throated toucans, and my group murmurs in excitement. The next item noted by our guide Oscar, however, is not a rare bird, deep in the Amazon rainforest: […]

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